5 Key Points You Should Know

Service Animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples include guiding the blind, alerting the deaf or those suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression or other disabilities. You have the right to train your dog and don’t have to be a professional trainer yourself. Of course Service Dogs must be well behaved calm animals.

Yes assuming that you or someone hastrained your dog. You have the right to train your own dog. Professional training is not required. You are not required to have a diagnosis or letter from a medical professional. Emotional Support animals may require a letter from a licensed health professional.

When it is not obvious what service an animal provides only (2) Questions may be asked.

  1. Is your dog a Service Animal required because of a disability? Your answer would be yes. Your disability could range from an anxiety such as PTSD, Diabetes to highly trained Seeing Eye dogs. They CAN NOT ask you what your disability is.
  2. What work or task has your dog been trained to perform? . You may suffer from stress anxiety and your dog assistance; training presence help in keeping you calm or alert you in a particular manner.

Registering your dog shows that you have taken the time and effort to understand what your rights are regarding access and what is required. It also shows that you fully understand how your dog should behave when in public acting as a Service Dog

  1. Possession of an ID card and certificate show proof of Registration. Registration is verifiable at any time online if requested. This provides an enhanced level of comfort & confidence that your dog will be well behaved is necessary and that access should and will be granted.
  2.  You will have access to updated information regarding Service Dog rights, rules, training, expected behavior and other helpful Service Dog information.
  3. Service Dog Vests are recommended as they notify the public and add one more level of verification.
  4. Registration is for the life of your pet.

Your dog must always be under control and never be a danger to others. This is very important allowing that future dog owners will be given the same privileges we now enjoy.

A doctor’s letter is not required for a dog to be a Service Dog. You also do not have to disclose your disability if asked. They can ask if your dog is needed and trained to assist you. That being said possession of a Medical Professionals recommendation does add another level of verification and is very helpful when traveling. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT animals may require medical documentation.

Dogs designated as EMOTIONAL SUPPORT animals may require additional documentation. You may be required to provide a letter from a licensed Mental Health professional issued within some specified date. You should check with the travel provider as to what they will require.

Registration Includes

  •  Official Registration & Reg number

  • Official ID Card

  • Registration Certificate

  • Digital mobile device ID for display when required

  • Online Account access for verification when needed

Government Registration?

Registering your dog as a Service Dog is not required by the U.S. government. The U.S. government does not operate or oversee any service dog registries. The laws governing service dogs are found under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Service Dog registries are independent organizations dedicated to furthering the rights of service dogs and handlers. By registering you are declaring your dog a Service Dog. Service dogs do not have to be trained by a professional. You are permitted to train your own dog to suit your needs. The dog will not be tested clique agora.

The International Service Dog Registry (ISDR) provides membership in an organization of service dog owners. ISDR is a useful source for information concerning rights and practices. ISDR provides registration documents such as ID cards, certificates and equipment like vests, tags and leashes. These articles help identify the dog as a service dog when in public

Although not required by law, it is not unreasonable for establishments often unfamiliar with service dogs and the law to ask for some kind of documentation. Having your dog wear a Service Dog vest and providing ID make gaining entrance much easier and smoother. Laws do permit landlords, airline and other entities to ask for documentation.

It is all of our responsibility to insure that our service dogs are well behaved and never a nuisance or danger to the public. This will insure that the dogs we love will continue to be granted this privilege