Olukayode Jaiyeola/NurPhoto via Getty Images 21 Jan, 2022 Why Education Systems Should Incorporate Environmental Ethics Into

Every Subject Learning about sustainability development and consumption does not have to be limited to specific disciplines,
such as science and engineering. Exdez/Digital Vision Vectors via Getty Images March 24, 2022 New Data Sharing Requirements
From NIH The National Institutes of Health is taking big steps towards enabling more open science — and potentially higher-
quality research. Starting in 2023, all NIH-funded research proposals will have to include data sharing and governance plans.
NASA researchers find ways to reduce city heat A group of NASA climate scientists is studying if green rooftops could help
mitigate deadly heat waves in vulnerable urban areas.

Chemists Offer Improved 3D Views Inside Batteries A group of chemists has developed a technique that produces high-
definition, 3-D images of inside batteries. Measuring the Moons Nanodust Is No Small Matter Researchers are now measuring the
Moons tiny dust particles in greater detail than ever, in a step towards better explaining the moons apparent colors and
brightness. Hubble Spys Amazing spiral This NASA/ESA image from the Hubble Space Telescopes Wide Field Camera 3 shows an
amazing view of spiral galaxy NGC 4571.

A space policy expert explains how the International Space Station is operated, and how Russian aggression has threatened its
operations in the past — and present. Science News (SN), shortened to Sci News at its web site, is a US-based, twice-weekly
newsmagazine dedicated to brief articles on new developments in science and technology, usually drawn from the latest science
and technology journals.

In April 2008, Science News (SN) changed from its weekly to the present biweekly format, with a re-implementation of its
website. Vaccine researchers worldwide dropped what they were doing to join a collective run on a new virus. In the
scientists study, a team showed a small generator can provide power for a LED lamp in real-time, worn on a bracelet.

To understand a surfaces chemical behaviour, it is essential to understand how the individual atoms on a surface can react.
Two PhD students in biology shared advice to motivate students to pursue STEM, despite the challenges involved. NASAs huge,
deep-space Roman mission will offer the best chance to date of distinguishing the leading theories of what is accelerating
the expansion of the Universe.